Why our product is the best

Because we deliver the best high quality panel boards to our customers and value all customer requirements, we are highly experienced and can handle all types of industrial power orders. We are always victorious and we value our customers and our people. Quality and speed are our goal
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Our products are high-weight, scratch-proof, rain-proof, electrically secure. Stable for up to 10 years. We test all our features stability, we can prove it!

Customer Satisfaction

After collecting requirements and building customer panel board we making sure all requirement currectly apply on his panel board with high quality

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International Certification

We have two international certification of ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 for make standard all our product to customers and get our customer sanctification successfully

Some of our TOP Products

Power Switch Electrical Panel Board

Panel Board

All Panel board industry range of voltage is 1000V up to 35kV. It is distribution system to divided main breaker power to subsidiary circuit

Power Switch Switch Board high voltage

Switch Board

The rang of Switch board is upto 35kV high voltage. It distribution a high voltage power to separated into medium distribution system.

Meter Box Power Switch Electrical company

Meter Box

Meter box it is common our product to help people to save own usage of power meter in box out side of house.It's safe and strong stability

compact sub-station Power Switch Electrical company

Compacts sub-station

The biggest products in electrical industry is compact sub-station. it's high voltage power about 15000kV can distribute in subsidiary station

Change over Power Switch Electrical company

Change Over

In comment to type of Change over we can create, Auto and Manual. each of them is fully tested. can change the different power resources to main use.

Cable tray Power Switch Electrical company

Cable Tray

A bus of cable can be in a one path to deliver all cables to destination with clean and flexible maintenance for building. The iron of Cable tray are galvanized

Our TOP Projects


Kabul Project Switch board, Cable Tray

This project included Switch board and Cable Tray, which belonged to the Afghan Brashna Company, we were able to successfully deliver products to breshna company.

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Parwaan Construction of Switch board and CTPT

Completing the switchboard and CTP construction with the help of Saighe Electric Supply Co. we were able to successfully install the Parwan Barik Aab Industrial Park.

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Project Construction

Helmand Province Construction of Meter Box

The construction of 1500 Meter Boxes was successfully installed and delivered by Saighe Company in Helmand city successfully.

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