Meter box

One of the biggest products of this company is Meter Box products. The company annually produces about 100,000+ meters box, most of which are Afghan provincial projects. Meterboxes are widely sold in the Afghan capital, Kabul and other provinces, and we are also installing and operating Meterboxes in addition to construction. Our meter boxes have high quality and high reliability and we give this assurance to our customers and dear people. Fund electric appliances can be provided by the company and can only be purchased by the customer, and only government-owned meter box can be from DaAfghanistan Brashna with valid license.

The Best Meter Box Features


Electrical Powder Leather color


Original Electricity supply


Rain water proof


Strong and Stable

Size of meter box

All these size are standard for public people but you can change the size as you order.

NO Meter box Width (cm) Height (cm) Depth (cm) Iron Thickness Color Pallet Size
1 2 Meter 35 4015 20-18-17 Leather Color s-7035 26x33cm
2 4 Meter 45 65 15 20-18-17 Leather Color s-7035 37x65cm
3 6 Meter 50 75 15 20-18-17 Leather Color s-7035 75x63cm
4 8 Meter 56 82 15 20-18-17 Leather Color s-7035 46x67cm
5 12 Meter 70 90 15 20-18-17 Leather Color s-7035 80x60cm

Some of best Meter Box Images

Here are some pictures from our Meter box.

Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image