Panel board

All distribution panel board are distribute the main power income to each utility. Power switch Electrical Company design and construct the best technical way to distribute power to others component. Space utility will also be an important factor for maintains and handling of equipment. We valid all standard factor of electrical engineering for panel board and other products which make our product perfect for customers. we write some of most important factor for distribution panel board in below.

Internal Wiring

  1. All internal wiring shall be carried out with 1100 V/650 V grades PVC insulated, stranded conductor copper wires. The minimum size of wires shall be 2.5 sq. mm copper and for CTs also 2.5 sq. mm copper.
  2. All individual control and CTs wiring shall be labeled with engraved identifications ferrules, yellow in colour with black letters.
  3. All wiring shall be terminated on stud type terminal blocks through crimping sockets. No more than 2 connection shall be made on any one terminal block.
  4. All spare auxiliary contacts of contactors and relays shall be wired to control terminal blocks.


All switchgears shall have continuous run of earth busbar. The size and materials of the earth busbar shall be specified.


  1. High Voltage test at 2.5 KV.
  2. Power and Control Circuits Continuity Tests.
  3. Insulation resistance test with 1000 V Meggar.
  4. Operational Test.
  5. Three Sets of test certificates to be submitted.

The Best panel board Features


Electrical Powder Leather color


Original Electricity supply


Rain water proof


Strong and Stable

Some of Panel board images

there is a lot of design and standards we can build panel boards but we show some of the best ones in the images below.

Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image