Wiring Services

We full design package of panel board including engineering tech and drafting for particular manufacture products such as switchboards, panel board, compact sub-station, etc.. to complete new vessel electrical system and refits.
The standard we used in our product are USA ( National Electrical Code NEC ) and United Kingdom standard and Asia region. All these standard accepted my customers and Da Afghanistan Breshna Company to producing and wiring standard in Afghanistan.
by considering of type of panel board wiring standard are different.
the color of cable in USA are ( black, red, blue ) for 120,208,240V and ( brown, orange, yellow ) for 277,480V Neutral white, silver and ground is green
The color of cable standard in Asia like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, United Kingdom are ( red, yellow, blue ) and neutral black color and ground is green.

What we can do

we can wire industry electrical panel board in any type. Low voltage upto 1000V and Medium voltage 1000V upto 35KV. these are some of wiring system we can do for you.

  1. Main Distribution panel board
  2. Main Distribution Switch Board
  3. Main Distribution Switch Gears
  4. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  5. Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)
  6. Compact sub-station
  7. Current Transformer and Potential Transformer (CT/PT)
  8. Control Board System
  9. Meter box
And extra wiring of panel board in rang of low voltage upto medium voltage 35KV.
we wiring any type of electrical industry system as your requirement with original equipments.
It doesn't matter how much you know on you electric system just give us the idea and we will build the professional way for you property.

Wiring Test

How we test your panel board
All wiring system shall be tested for continuity of circuits, short circuits and earthing after wiring is completed and before energizing. The insulation resistance shall be measured across earth and the whole system of conductors, or any section thereof, with all fuses in place and all switches closed and except in concentric wiring all lamps in position of both poles of the installation otherwise electrically connected together. A direct current pressure of not less than twice the working pressure provided that it does not exceed 660 V for medium voltage circuits.
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The Best Wiring Features




Fully tested




Use Original Electric equipment

Gallery Wiring panel board images

there is a some of wiring image. different type of wiring shows in below.

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