Street Pole light

The base of the street lighting is also made to different sizes according to customer's order. The base is made of tubular iron which is also coated with durable stainless steel and oil paint. The length of these stands is also taken into account depending on the customer's order and the size of the light cover. In the map below you can see an example of a street lighting base.
The original size of all poles are 2.5m upto 6m. but you can order as your requirement in any size.
all street pole have base that nuts installed on the ground.

General Info

  1. The Poles are formed form pre-formed hot deep galvanized steel pipes welded together
  2. The poles are full strength butt weld and tubular steppes in sections
  3. 3x4mm insulated tumka cable is used for powering up the required luminaire.
  4. IP 65,250W pelsan lamp with 25000(Lm) is used for street luminaire.
  5. A hinged door is installed with the poles as well as various door-locking. methods, safety bolts, hexagonal nut or Allen cap screw can be supplied
  6. 20A MCB is used with interrupting rating of 6000 symmetrical ampere.
  7. The pole shall be effectively grounded with bare copper and grounding rod
  8. offered in various shapes and sized, these poles can also be customized to meet specific requirements of the clients.
  9. 4 set, 18mm galvanized anchor bolt with 90cm length should be used inside the concrete foundation
  10. All finished pole foundation shall be chamfered
  11. All dimensions are in MM except indicated.

The Best panel board Features






Rain water proof


Strong and Stable

Some of Panel board images

there is a lot of design and standards we can build panel boards but we show some of the best ones in the images below.

Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image